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You can rely on our team of expert chefs for an unforgettable wedding feast. As you plan your big day or important function, rely on Yak & Yeti to create a menu that will live up to every expectation – we have incredible food talent waiting in the wings.

Your guests will enjoy something that suits their taste palate and excites their senses, making for a memorable event. We offer an endless array of delectable dishes from Nepal and India to go with the fun and frolic at your event.

Fabulous Wedding Reception Venue


Wedding Fucntion Venue
Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne
Wedding Reception Venue

We understand that your wedding day is supposed to be the most cheerful moment of your life.

Birthday Function Venues with Boundless Food Preparations


Birthday Function Venue
Birthday Function Venue
Birthday Function Venue Melbourne

Everything from cooking and storage to the refrigeration of ingredients will be done separately.

Experience Proficient Arrangements at Our Corporate Function Venues


Corporate Function Venue
Corporate Function Venues
Corporate Function

We can accommodate 250 people at our corporate function venue, so even if you have a small business meeting or grand conference, there will be tables set for everyone to sit down and enjoy themselves.

Let us provide you with the best catering service in Melbourne! Whether it’s your birthday party, wedding reception or any other function – we can make sure that what comes out tastes delicious and looks spectacular. For more details regarding the function room, reach out to us on 03 9193 3936.

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